DETDA Delivery

On November 10,we just finished a large oversea order of DETDA.Our customer is very satisfied with the products.Here are some photos about the scene of delivery.


DETDA (Diethyl Methyl Benzene Diamine) is equivalent to Ethancure 100 and Lonza DETDA 80, DETDA is a polyurethane elastomer chain extender is very effective; also can be used as polyurethane and epoxy resin curing agent, epoxy resin, antioxidant, industrial oil and lubricants etc.. In addition, also can be used as intermediates in organic synthesis.


Last but not least,we Victory Chemical can provide high qulity Phosphate Flame Retardants and Pu Curing Agent for you in the long term. We are high quality manufacturer and suppliers from China.

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