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Pu Curing Agents
Pu Curing Agents
Product description

Pu Curing Agents Features:

Pu curing agents is the aromatic isocyanate TDI and TMP adducts have good compatibility with other hydroxyl resins, light color, high gloss, good hardness, good chemical resistance, and storage stability.

Pu Curing Agents
Precautions of Pu Curing Agents:
1: All curing agents are extremely sensitive to moisture and humidity. They should be used as soon as possible after opening, and should be kept in a cool, ventilated, dry place and away from fire sources.
2: The use of urethane-grade solvents (ie, less than <0.05% water) is prohibited in solvents containing solvents that react with the NCO gene (such as alcohols and ammonia);
3: The explanations and data provided above are based on the existing conditions and experiences of our company. We hope that the customers can choose the test under their own specific conditions.
4: The shelf life of the product is 6 months, counting from the production date.

Technical parameter
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