PU Curing Agents Precautions for Use

PU Curing Agent Precautions for Use:
1, PU two-component paint, the use of the correct proportion of the main agent and curing agent to adjust the paint, the random change of paint ratio will occur poor film drying or other defects.
2, PU two-component paint has a time limit, the blend paint should be used within the specified time, beyond the available time can not be used; the higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the use of the blend paint.
3. The mixture should be thoroughly stirred before the blending of the paint. The viscosity of the blended oil is reduced due to the addition of the diluent. The pigment particles are easy to precipitate, and the mixture should be uniformly stirred during the spraying process.

4. After the PU Curing Agent is opened, it will react with the moisture in the air, so it needs to be sealed in time to avoid deterioration.
5. PU curing agent are greatly affected by the construction environment factors, which are prone to pinholes, blistering and whitishness. When the construction environment temperature reaches 32 °C or above, or the humidity is above 80%, please use slow drying. White water T-22 should be improved, adding 5~10% of the main agent; when the ambient humidity is higher than 95% or more, the construction should be stopped; at low temperature and high humidity, 5-10% of the curing agent can be added.
6. After using the spray gun, paint preparation equipment and container, it should be cleaned immediately to avoid the hardening and clogging of the residual paint and it can not be used again.
7. The blending ratio of the paint specification is the mass ratio. When blending, please use the scale, electronic scale and other tools to accurately weigh. For example, according to the volume ratio, due to the different proportions of various paints, it may be due to the curing agent. Inaccurate additions cause various quality problems.

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