What are the Flame Retardants?

Flame retardants are also known as flame retardants, fire retardants or flame retardants: functional additives that impart flammable polymers with flame retardancy; and are classified into additive flame retardants and reactive flame retardants depending on the application method.

Flame Retardants  Flame Retardants

According to the composition, the additive flame retardants mainly include inorganic flame retardants, halogen flame retardants (organic chlorides and organic bromides), phosphorus flame retardants (red phosphorus, phosphoric acid esters, and halogenated phosphoric acid esters, etc.) and nitrogen Flame retardants.

Flame RetardantsFlame Retardants

Reactive flame retardants are mostly reactive halogenated organic and organic phosphorus monomers. In addition, molybdenum compounds, tin compounds, and iron compounds that have a smoke suppression effect are also in the category of flame retardants. It is mainly applicable to plastics with flame retardant requirements, delaying or preventing the burning of plastics, especially polymer plastics. Make it ignite for a long time, ignite self-extinguishing, difficult to ignite.

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